Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love them

I dont know why?

I never met them before

I dont know them personally

But somehow..reading their writings makes me 'love' them

Their writing are simple, light, honest, humble and polite

Gives me the instinct of a good circle to be around with

But yet..

I am too shy to know them coz I am not from their age generation!

Will they accept me as their friends..

I am so ridiculous..a mad mak cik.. am I?

Well, I guest...someday I will see them

and get to know them..through my daughter of coz

Whom am I talking about??


He he he he


Another category which I also like to read but they normally
have caruts in their writtings..he he he

Also three of them..

I cant reveal their blogs here
let me keep their identity to myself

Adios...have a good day..


  1. saya pun suka baca blog untie. Terasa mcm rapat dengan untie. Kalau dapat jumpa untie saya pelok2 :p

  2. alahai terharunya sy aunty. sy selalu pegi area setiawangsa tu teringat jugak kat aunty. aunty tinggal area situ ek? tapi 1 day...kita misti jumpa aunty. insyaallah.

  3. Ya Allah, malu nye sayaaaaaaa...
    hehhehehhe terima kasih aunty. InsyaAllah ada umur panjang kita jumpe. i'm honored and wud be very blessed if aunty yg sudi berkawan dengan saya. to have another person as mother figure, and guide me thru this life even virtually.

    Nanti ajak peeja dtg open house ye. saya dah jemput. kalau die tak nak, paksa paksa je. heheheh

  4. salam auntie (^_^)
    ayoyo, ayoma, ayopa! terharu giler ..huhuhu. Ai pon sayang sgt ngan auntie. tingin gak nk jumpa auntie. Dah sihat nnt boleh la ai beraya kt umah auntie ye. hehehe. Ai baru jr kuar dari sepital. ada wat operation skit kt pewot. apalah auntie ni ckp giler pulak? berkawan ni tak kira umur la auntie. rasa vangga sesangat. mcm auntie jugak, w/pon x pernah ntah nape rasa dekat je ngan auntie (ke...sbb opis dekat ngan umah auntie ;P) apa2 pon, AI LEBIU TOO! muahhhhhhhh

    take care, semoga Allah beri kesihatan yg baik utk auntie..amin..

  5. alalalala..malu2 gitu auntie ekkk..

    suka bc tulisan sesuatu sgt dgn tulisan2 auntie!..

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