Monday, May 10, 2010

The Principal of War

Mama had a short nap this evening..
Had a little headache..
Woke up...and daddy gave me a big white envelope...

Was really shocked and felt so down with the situation that I have to face..
coz she is my daughter..

Would I allow my daughter to be harmed??

Since Peeja was away...

Daddy received and signed the documents from the dispatched boy..

A Summon for

Daddy read through the documents..
while mama sat beside him waiting eagerly for him to finish
Just after completing the last page..

Mama asked the demand huge??
Daddy just looked at mama deeply with a calm face..

You read and go through the pages..
And later we shall discuss..

Mama put on my glasses..
read line by line, paragraph by paragraph, pages by pages..
Twenty one pages all together..

It is ashamed and embarrassing situation..
Well..damaged has been done from both parties..

Nothing can be unwind..
So..tag along and play to the game..

Daddy is cool with this situation..
Mama utter strength with 'Salawat Nabi'

Daddy said..
This is part and parcel of must carry on
Since the situation is a confrontation..

Get back to The Principles of War

Defence....Regroup, Redeploy and Launch the Counter Attack
'To Destroy the Target (Enemy)'

So Help me Allah...


  1. Aiyooo :(

    Harap2 Allah akan permudahkan keadaan..(paham perasaan seorg ibu bila org buat anak kita camtu..)

  2. semua ni dugaan dan ujian dariNya. banyakkan berdoa dan solat hajat semoga Allah mempermudahkan segalanya.

  3. may the right party wins the battle. i'm hoping for the best solution to settle this case.

  4. Salam Aunty,
    Pray that everything will be ok
    Take care Aunty

  5. salam auntie,
    i think i ve already explained on the defamation action in one of my recent entries. im not saying peej is right or wrong in my entry..cuma a brief note on tht subject. i cant gv any advice at the moment cos i dont have all the fact at doakan auntie, peej n family bnyk2 sabar..if anything auntie nak tny before appoint lawyer, just drop by at my blog..or email sy k worries about the foc je.takat bg tau what u should do next boleh laa n common things, in anyway i cant represent peej in court pun sbb sy dah tak practice lagi..but if possible, i really want to help..i ve been reading her blog since ages,,,just as silence reader je laa take care of urself auntie

  6. dun worry aunty...uncle kan the macho army...handal dan hebat..i'll pray for your family..amin

  7. semoga Allah melindungi mereka yg benar.. hope everything gonna b olrite anty..

  8. i pray everything will be alrite for ur daughter :) take care aunty .

  9. Kak Nani, di dunia ini manusia ada bermacam-macam. Salah satu nya yang ego sampai tidak boleh tunduk ke bawah. Sabar aja lah dengan dugaan di muka bumi ini. Banyakkan berdoa.

  10. AnonymousMay 11, 2010


    cume terpikir,die tu (that mak orang) tak penah kutuk orang & reveal dalam blog die ke.?

    what goes aroung comes around.this time die buat orang,one day,maybe anak-anak die pulak yang kene.

    saya doakan semoga yang benar d lindungi Allah swt.

    -Miss N-

  11. Auntie..semoga permasalahan ini akan selesai dengan baik...InsyaAllah Peeja dipihak yg benar..

  12. Dear aunty
    Dont worry..sapa salah sapa tidak hanya DIA yang tau..apapun be cool and jaga kesihatan..

  13. may allah be with u/family aunty. be tough ok. take care.

  14. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    Ya Allah...
    semoga doa seorang ibu mengiringi anaknya...
    sabarr lah aunt...
    mungkin ini dugaan unt peej n family...


  15. sabar ya aunty.....insyaAllah kebenaran akan terjawab...

  16. sabar unty
    semoga segalanya di permudahkan

    kekuatan peeja adalah sokongan dari keluarga dan rakan2..

  17. salam kak nani...
    semuga kak nani dan peeja kuat nak menghadapi semua ini..
    orang tu nak attention jer..

  18. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    Hi aunty,
    Always lurve read your blog :) I think RM saje nak cari publisiti murahan. Sbb dah tak tahan malu and reveal diri dia sebenarnya, then merepek repek jer amik tindakan melulu. The worst part everybody knows she kinda person suka mengutuk orang. Hope this case close and hope she the RM learnt a very useful lesson(jgn jadi melayu mudah lupa).

  19. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    dear auntie,

    she can use all these comment to show that her reputation is harmed. pls either make an entry with p/word or private kan blog so that she cannot use any of the words/comments against you.

  20. Ai : Entah lah ai, aunty berdoa pada Allah moga perkara nih di permudahkan.

    nino : Tima kasih atas nasihat dan inshaallah aunty akan perbanyakkan solat tahjud.

    yatie : TQ for the prayer.

    Dayah : You are always with me with yr comments in most of aunty's entry. TQ for the care.

  21. Salwa : TQ salwa, aunty read yr entry on the specific subject, and again TQ for the advise and care.

    i hate lolipop : Emm.. aunty's always falls on his shoulder in every turmoil, he is always there for me. TQ lolipop for the prayer. Aunty really need all the prayers frm my followers.

    Che Sue : Aunty really appreciate for dropping yr word which make me feel stronger. TQ Che Sue

  22. cybermummy : TQ for the prayer. May Allah grants the mercy and may Allah light up my burden.

    Me, myself,I : Emm. tak per lah, aunty akan perbanyakkan doa moga ujian nih di permudahkan.

    Miss N : Tak per aunty doa moga Allah akan permudahkan urusan nih..dan juga balasan yg setimpal jika ada hasat dengki dihati baik anak ku sekali pun atau pun dia.

  23. Nonie : Setahu aunty anak aunty tak pernah mempunyai hasat dengki baik dgn keluarga atau pun kawan2 dia. Inshaallah peeja akan di pelihara olih Allah SWT

    Sabrina : TQ for the care. Aunty memang dah sakit pun, tapi inshaallah aunty tabah menempuh ujian ni.

    Tijah : TQ Tijah, aunty terharu bila tijah meninggalkan comment supaya aunty be tough and may Allah be with my family..Aunty really hope with all the prayers Allah may submit his mercy upon me.

  24. Suri : Memang nih ujian yg aunty hadapi despite being ill. TQ Suri.

    Amieroziana : Inshaallah kebenaran akan terjawab..TQ amie

    sayangsayangibu : Memang keluargalah yg akan mengiringi doa utk nya dan tidak ketinggallan juga kenalan dan kawan2.

  25. aunty.. sabar banyak2..
    everything happen 4 a good reason..
    ada hikmah disebalik kejadian ni..
    cuma mungkin kita tak nampak lagi hikmahNya tu..

  26. Rahmah : TQ for the advise. I dunno what is happening but I just pray the best from Allah.

    Anony : I cant comment what type of character she has as aunty dont know her in person, but I will be with my daughter when she need me.

    Anony : What does she has against me?? Anyway, TQ for the advice, really appreciate it. TQ Again

  27. Misztake :Emm..memang benar apa yg Mis katakan, belum nampak lagi hikmah di sebalik nya..
    Moga dgn ujian nih, kedua2 nya akan kembali kejalan yg benar, kejalan yg di redhai Allah..

  28. kemenangan akan selalu berpihak kepada pihak yang benar...hari ini hari dia..lain hari masih ada sinar untuk kita :)

  29. yeah aunty...bersabar dan bertawakal..berserah pada yg Esa..insyallah jika kita benar tak usah gentar...

  30. Aunty, insya allah semua akan ok.Jika kita di pihak yang benar, sepandai macamana pon perancangan si dia dan jangan sekali-kali lupa, DIA juga merancang segala-gala nya.
    Take care.

  31. putingtetekmerahMay 14, 2010

    Percaya lah, tatkala di saat ini, RM berkata dalam hati "nah, amik kau, baru kau tau siapa aku"..

    dari mula saya ikuti isu ni lagi saya dah katakan, beliau tidak akan "sedar" akan perbuatan beliau selama ini.. yang akan menyedarkan beliau hanyalah bila beliau jatuh tersungkur terjelepuk..

    saya suka kata akhir aunty tu.. "Defence....Regroup, Redeploy and Launch the Counter Attack
    'To Destroy the Target (Enemy)'"

    all the best to your family..

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