Thursday, December 31, 2009


Good bye 2009 and Hello 2010

A very beautiful morning today to end the year of 2009, sunny and bright.

What can I remember sometime in April 2009, my daughter's Peeja advised me to kill my time with blogging.

I had to leave my career/work due to my prolong illness, ever since then, I have been at home with no activities at all.

Reading her writings almost everyday, but never thought that I could ever have my own blog.

Thank you Peeja for the encouragement, mama could spend my remaining life, writing my thoughts and lay out my feelings daily in this white screen.

For mama this is a healthy activity knowing lots of cyber friends though they are much younger than mama.

I thank all my followers and bloggers friends.

" Thank You from the bottom of my heart, YOU have given me laughter, tears of happiness with all the comments, or even reading your articles, makes me knowing YOU and feel you close to my heart. Thank You...I could not have made it through the year of 2009 without YOU".

Pasal lak pagi2 nih, nak cakap omputih pulak? Apa breakfast western ker aper nih, sampai lidah ber omputih ...

Em..memang pun breakfast pagi ni, keju kraft, scramble eggs fried with butter, baked beans with green chilies pickles and 2 slices of wholemeat bread. Classic English Breakfast Tea by Twinings of London (Noy beli) to complete the morning breakfast.

Did my insulin injection of 40 iu before the breakfast, and hopefully the sugar level reading will be as good as any normal people without diabeties.

Actually year 2009 is a new beginning of my leftover life.

A new experience.....

World without sound and voices.......Lost the beauty of Hearing,

Missing you .......

The voices of Al quran,
The voices of my husband and children,
The sound of my favourite muzik,
and even worst

I could not even hear my own voice.
I could speak though....

but I......dont know whether my voice peach is too loud or low.

At times my daughter would give a sign to reduce my voice as it was like too loud

Also sometimes, my fork and spoon where making loud creaking when I have my meals, again I will be warned to slow down with the cutleries.

It is so embarrassing and shameful to be in public, attending official dinner, I need to be extra cautious all the time.

I am happy though....

Happy that I am still alive, able to spend my time with God, family and friends

May 2010 be a better year for all of us...Amen


  1. Wishing you a very happy new year auntie :)

  2. ya banyak masa kita di sini tapi tak rasa rugi

  3. Auntie , saya doa kan semoga tahun 2010 will be a much better for u and your family and may allah sembuh kan all ur penyakit and best of all kalau allah dapat kembalikan pendengaran auntie so that u will hear again ur hubby sweet voice and ur children melodies voices . amin

  4. mmm..tersentuh jua dgn en3 nih..semoga kebaikan akan mengunjungi auntie...

  5. Slamat Tahun Baru jugak utk auntie (^_^)

    semoga segalanya yg terbaik utk kita utk hari yg mendatang =)

  6. Salam Aunty,
    Reading ur blog also make me feel closed to you ^_^
    Happy New Year to you Aunty
    May Allah bless is always with u & family

  7. Kak nani,
    walaupun dengan rasa kekurangan yg ada, sambutlah hari mendatang dengan penuh kesyukuran. Semuga hdiup akan terus dirahmati dan diberkati. Amin.

  8. salam..
    slmt thun bru..
    moga ape yg di azam kn akan trtunai..

  9. happy new year aunty!! keep on writing..sebab saya rindu baca kisah2 aunty tuh!

  10. assalamualaikum.

    semoga hari hari yang akan datang akan lebih menceriakan n membahagiakan bersama insan yang tersayang; family and friends ^___^

  11. happy new year to u too aunty nani. hope that the year 2010 will bring better life for u & ur family :)

  12. semoga tahun 2010 memberi seribu keceriaan pada auntie sekeluarga.

  13. Untie,

    Tuhan takkan menguji mereka yg tidak tahan pada ujianNya....

    Saya tau untie tabah orangnya....

    Kadang2 lagi tabah dari saya yg normal ni tapi percayala semua yg kita lalui ni mesti ada hikmahnya...

    Looking forward kata2 hikmah dari untie (pada saya ayat2 untie memang bagus, kadang tak terfikir dek logik akal saya...)

  14. Selamat Tahun bru Auntie...
    Semoga semua perangan auntie utk 2010 berjalan dengan lancar...
    dan semoga di permudahkan segala urusan..InsyaAllah....

  15. salam aunty, selamat tahun baru. first time nak komen even dah pernah baca blog ni sblm ni. sebenarnya sbb tersentuh dgn entry aunty ni.
    saya kagum dengan aunty sebab nampak tenang dan tabah. dengan suami dan anak2 yang ada semoga tetap memberikan kasih sayang dan kebahagiaan for the rest of your life.
    Take care.

  16. Fatine : TQ very much, may allah bless you.

  17. Daun Bidara : Memang blogging bagi auntie dpt mengimbas kembali laluan hidup auntie sebab auntie nak menulis pengalaman hidup amat bermakna yang Allah telah scriptkan....

  18. cybermummy : TQVM moga doa Allah kabulkan. You are so sweet. Please keep on communicating with auntie with yr honest comments. TQ again.

  19. sayangsayangibu :Tima Kasih kena perihatin akan keadaan auntie, tima kasih sekali lagi kerna mendoakan kesihatan auntie.

  20. Ai : TQ and you too may Allah bless with happiness, good health and wealth.

  21. Dayah : TQVM. Feeling close with auntie. Itu tanda nya kita dah panjangkan siratul rahim.

  22. Rahmah : Memang mesti bersyukor pada Allah. Kak nani inshaallah akan buat setiap solat wajid akan di akhiri dgn solat syukor, start tahun baru nih..

  23. shasa : Inshaallah nanti auntie sambung episod2 auntie

  24. Linda : TQVM, inshaallah, auntie tetap akan tabah dengan apa saja yang Allah uji, sebab Allah saja tempat kita mengadu dan meminta. Dtg dari nyer, kembali juga kpd nyer.

  25. Mommylily : Tima kasih, walaupun first time lily comment auntie amat gembira sebab comments dari readerlah rasa ada dua hala. Auntie memang mengharap comments dari readers, walaupun satu perkataan iaitu..Assalamualaikum..

  26. Auntie,

    Happy new year to you and your family too, may allah bless you through out the year.

  27. happy new year,auntie.xdpt nk wish awal2.

    anyway, thanks for ur advised about life. I'm become stronger now.

    Semoga Allah sentiasa berikan kesihatan yang baik dan kehidupan yang ceria buat auntie n family

    big hug for u, auntie..(^_^)

  28. Hazey : TQVM keep on saying hello to auntie ya..take good care.

  29. remielya : It okay, better late than never.

    You are most welcome, my advise is from an old lady's experience in life.

    TQ again for the hug..



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