Thursday, October 29, 2009


Aper nih!!! Dapat Kad Kredit baru...Ditambah credit limit nyer..

Dah lah...nih semua nak rosakkan budget..

Pegang jer lah ...untuk contingency and emergency...

Bagus nya tak perlu risau bawa duit cash banyak2...


  1. hurrmm...wah..kad kredit baru, tambah limit lg tu..

    kt tak dak kad kredit le auntie, takut terlbh limit la gunanya..nak byo..sakit.. :(

  2. Kalau auntie takmo, bak sni kasi ai! :P

  3. Hello Marina Monroe, wheeeeeeee, you dapat kad baru.
    Okay, saya phone Carcosa restaurant, you boleh opening ceremony belanjar saya makan....lepas tu kita pergi your choice, joget modern or ronggeng or your favourite Cha cha cha. I will action with you Tango, ha ha. Husband datang optional, heh heh. Just joke joke ya.

    Marina Monroe...ha ha, I love pronouncing your name, say it fast sounds macham you know who, *wink*, heh heh heh.

    By the way, if you not practicing your cha cha cha or Tango, check out our Canadian TV sitcom on your Youtube....title 'Little Mosque on the Prairie'.

    It is produced, directed by a Canadian Muslim Lady with Muslim actors and Canadian Mat sallehs giler, ha ha.

    Marina Monroe, it is a hilarious pechah perut funny series....about Muslims (Middle East) being sterotyped as wife beaters and bomb exploders and the misunderstandings between Muslims and non-Muslims.
    Boleh tersedak ketawa....check it out.
    You have a nice day and keep practicing your cha cha, ha ha, Lee.

  4. Auntie,

    With budget 2010, even kalau auntie tak pakai pun credit card tuh akan kena bayar kat govt - rm50 per year for principal cardholder.



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